Rescuing Animals In Need!

Our wonderful charity, North Clwyd Animal Rescue (NCAR), help over 1,800 animals a year, rehoming abused, abandoned or unwanted dogs, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs.

They've introduced over 10,000 families to their new best friend, and work hard to treat, rehome, and reeducate animals to improve their lives.

As one of five charities we support, NCAR provides an essential service, taking in abandoned, unwanted or abused animals. They play a vital role in their community, helping families alleviate the burden of caring for unwanted litters/pets, and helping them find a lifelong home.

NCAR has been around since 1978 and helps over 1,800 animals a year. As a non-state funded charity, they rely heavily on donations from organisations (like us) or the public. Plus, with six charity shops across the North of Wales, they’re able to generate the revenue needed to cover their near £7,000 monthly vet bills. Caring for so many animals in need is not cheap, which is why we’re happy to support this amazing charity anyway we can.

Our support so far

Earlier this year, we donated over £4000 to NCAR which went towards renovating their paddock area. Previously, the large paddock was all grass which became almost unusable in the winter months due to wet, bog-like conditions. With our contribution, NCAR was able to create 2 distinct paddocks, one with tarmac, the other with grass. They fitted proper drainage to ensure the dogs could play outdoors no matter the weather.

The dogs adore their new play area and we’ve been sent the pictures to prove it!

What’s to come

As an animal rescue charity, they are constantly working to protect and help animals in need. There’s no rest. With the needs of their community expanding, NCAR are planning to redevelop the Barns, their rehoming kennels.

Built 30 years ago, these kennels have has thousands of dogs pass through them and they’re now weathered and in need of refurbishment. NCAR hope to replicate the design seen in their other kennels and cattery section, replacing mesh doors with glass to create a less stressful environment for their animals. As expected, their aim is to buy the best, most durable materials that will last for decades to come. But that comes at a price.

How can you help?

The job itself will include new drains, floors, roofing, and kennels to really rejuvenate the area. We’re happy to support them through this renovation. However, we can only help with your help. By playing our lottery, you can be in with a chance of winning £25,000 and we’ll donate 50% of proceeds to five amazing Welsh charities. It’s a win-win situation.

If you’d like to get involved with the North Clwyd Animal Rescue, visit their website. And, enter our lottery for a chance to win £25,000!


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