Loteri Cymru provides lifeline for North Wales animal charity forced to close its doors due to Coronavirus

North Clwyd Animal Rescue (NCAR) is “beyond thankful” for a generous donation from Loteri Cymru as it struggles to survive amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The all-Wales lottery, which creates winners across Wales and raises vital funds for Welsh charities, has donated £10,000 to the animal rescue centre after hearing about the charity’s difficulties.

Loteri Cymru, which is operated by Sterling Lotteries, was created to support Welsh charities and causes close to the hearts of the people of Wales.

NCAR is one of five charities lottery players currently support alongside LATCH – the Welsh Children’s Cancer Charity, Welsh Hearts, The Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales and Youth Cymru.

Alongside raising vital funds for charities in Wales with 100% of all profits distributed, lottery players have the chance of scooping the £25,000 weekly jackpot cash prize.

As a result of the lockdown measures imposed in March, NCAR, which provides a safe home for nearly 300 animals in North Wales, has seen its main streams of income dry up overnight.

It has been forced to cancel fundraising events, stop rehoming animals and close its shelter doors, charity shops and café to visitors.

The charity is now struggling to meet its daily running costs covering animal food, staff costs and veterinary bills.

Ten members of staff have remained onsite to care for the hundreds of domestic animals who depend on them daily, while all volunteers have had to refrain from visiting the centre.

The lack of physical help coupled with a lack of income is proving a difficult situation to mitigate.

Nicky Owen, Media Relations and Fundraising Manager at NCAR described the situation they are facing as “crippling”.

She said: “Due to the fact the centre isn’t open, we have no customers or adoptions. Our charity shops and café are closed, and all of our fundraising events have been cancelled. Quite literally every stream of income we had has stopped overnight which is crippling us as we still have animals to look after, staff to pay and bills to cover.

“This is why we can’t put into words how grateful we are to Loteri Cymru for their generous donation as it will ease the pressure significantly and help us keep our animals safe.

“We appreciate this is a difficult situation for everyone right now which makes this donation even more meaningful. We want to say the biggest thank you to Loteri Cymru and its lottery players here in Wales who have made this donation possible.”

Loteri Cymru has made this unprecedented amount of emergency funding available to NCAR thanks to its lottery players in Wales in the hope it will provide some relief as the centre faces the prospect of many more weeks in lockdown.

Phil Gerrish, marketing manager for Loteri Cymru said: “The impact the pandemic has had on all aspects of life has been unprecedented, but charities particularly have been affected.

“We have seen stories of funding drying up overnight and those who depend on the charities being left without a lifeline. We want to do all we can to help alleviate some of the stress and worry that these charities are facing.

“The work that North Clwyd Animal Rescue does really is fantastic, and we can’t commend the staff enough for the risks they are taking in providing care to the nearly 300 animals at the centre during the lockdown.

“We are thrilled that our donation will help towards keeping the rescue shelter running and its animals safe and well. We’re grateful to our lottery players who have made this donation possible.”

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